IITED mONS Economic and Social Distr. GENERAL E/CN.4/1992/17/Add.l 8 January 1992 Original: ENGLISH COMMISSION ON HUMAN RIGHTS Forty-eighth session Item 10 (a) of the provisional agenda QUESTION OF THE HUMAN RIGHTS OF ALL PERSONS SUBJECTED TO ANY FORM OF DETENTION OR IMPRISONMENT, IN PARTICULAR TORTURE AND OTHER CRUEL, INHUMAN OR DEGRADING TREATMENT OR PUNISHMENT Report of the Special Rapporteur. Mr. P. Kooiimans, pursuant to Commission on Human Rights resolution 1991/38 Addendum Visit by the Special Rapporteur to Indonesia and East Timor CONTENTS Paragraphs I. Page Introduction 1- 2 2 MEETINGS IN JAKARTA 3 - 8 2 i II. III. IV. BACKGROUND AND LEGAL AND INSTITUTIONAL FRAMEWORK .. 9-45 4 VISIT TO EAST TIMOR 46-65 11 EVALUATION, CONCLUSIONS AND RECOMMENDATIONS 66-80 16 GE.92-10061/4110B

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