UNITED NATIONS CCPR International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights Distr. RESTRICTED* CCPR/C/50/D/440/1990 24 March 1994 ORIGINAL: ENGLISH HUMAN RIGHTS COMMITTEE Fiftieth session VIEWS Communication No. 440/1990 Submitted by : Youssef El-Megreisi Victim : The author's brother Mohammed Bashir El-Megreisi State party : Libyan Arab Jamahiriya Date of communication : 27 December 1990 Documentation references : Prior decisions - Special Rapporteur's rule 91 decision, transmitted to the State party on 2 August 1991 (not issued in document form) - CCPR/C/46/D/440/1990 (decision on admissibility, dated 16 October 1992) Date of adoption of Views : 23 March 1994 On 23 March 1994, the Human Rights Committee adopted its Views under article 5, paragraph 4, of the Optional Protocol in respect to communication No. 440/1990. The text of the Views is appended to the present document. [ANNEX] ________________________ * Made public by decision of the Human Rights Committee.

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