Strasbourg, 17 March 2006 CDL-AD(2006)009 Or. Engl. Opinion no. 363 / 2005 EUROPEAN COMMISSION FOR DEMOCRACY THROUGH LAW (VENICE COMMISSION) OPINION ON THE INTERNATIONAL LEGAL OBLIGATIONS OF COUNCIL OF EUROPE MEMBER STATES IN RESPECT OF SECRET DETENTION FACILITIES AND INTER-STATE TRANSPORT OF PRISONERS adopted by the Venice Commission at its 66th Plenary Session (Venice, 17-18 March 2006) on the basis of comments by Mr Iain CAMERON (Substitute Member, Sweden) Mr Pieter van DIJK (Member, the Netherlands) Mr Olivier DUTHEILLET de LAMOTHE (Member, France) Mr Jan HELGESEN (Member, Norway) Mr Giorgio MALINVERNI (Member, Switzerland) Mr Georg NOLTE (Substitute Member, Germany) This document will not be distributed at the meeting. Please bring this copy. Ce document ne sera pas distribué en réunion. Prière de vous munir de cet exemplaire.

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