CAT/C/34/D/226/2003 Page 3 Having taken into account all information made available to it by the complainant, her counsel and the State party, Adopts the following: Decision of the Committee against Torture under article 22 of the Convention 1.1 The complainant is Ms. T. A., a Bangladeshi citizen, who acts on behalf of herself and her daughter S.T, born in 1996. Both are awaiting deportation from Sweden to Bangladesh. Ms. T. A. complains that their expulsion to Bangladesh would amount to a violation by Sweden of articles 3 and 16, and possibly of article 2, of the Convention. She is represented by Ms. Gunnel Stenberg. 1.2 In accordance with article 22, paragraph 3, of the Convention, the Committee transmitted the complaint to the State party on 20 January 2003. Pursuant to rule 108, paragraph 1, of the Committee’s rules of procedure, the State party was requested not to expel the complainant and her daughter to Bangladesh pending the consideration of her case by the Committee. On 11 March 2003, the State party informed the Committee that it would stay the enforcement of the decision to expel the complainant and her daughter to Bangladesh while the case was under consideration by the Committee. The facts as submitted by the complainant: 2.1 The complainant and her daughter arrived in Sweden on 13 October 2000 on a tourist visa, to visit the complainant’s sister residing in Sweden. They applied for asylum on 9 November 2000. On 24 September 2001, the Migration Board denied the application and ordered their expulsion. On 25 February 2002, the Aliens Appeals Board upheld the decision of the Migration Board. Two new applications for a resident permit on humanitarian grounds were subsequently denied by the Aliens Appeals Board. A third application was submitted on 17 December 2002. However, on 19 December 2002, the Aliens Appeals Board denied the application for a stay of execution of the expulsion order. The complainant alleges that she has exhausted all domestic remedies.

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