CCPR/C/114/D/2134/2012 United Nations International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights Distr.: General 22 September 2015 English Original: Spanish Human Rights Committee Communication No. 2134/2012 Views adopted by the Committee at its 114th session (29 June-24 July 2015) Submitted by: Rosa María Serna, Hubert Eduardo Molina Serna, Rubén Darío Molina Serna, Yovanni Molina Serna, Leidy Molina Serna, Luz Elena Usuga Usuga, Astrid Elena Anzola Usuga, Leidy Yakeline Anzola Usuga, Isabel Johana Anzola Usuga (represented by the Colombian Commission of Jurists) Alleged victim: The authors, Julio Eduardo Molina Arias, Guillermo Anzola Grajales and Karol Juliana Anzola Usuga State party: Colombia Date of communication: 1 September 2011 Document reference: Special Rapporteur’s rule 97 decision, transmitted to the State party on 12 March 2012 Date of adoption of Views: 9 July 2015 Subject matter: Enforced disappearance by paramilitary groups Procedural issues: Abuse of the right to submit a communication Substantive issues: Right to life; right to liberty and security of person Articles of the Covenant: 2 (para. 3), 6 (para. 1), 7, 9, 10, 16, 17 and 23 (para. 1) Articles of the Optional Protocol: 3 GE.15-15601 (E) 271115 *1515601* 301115

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