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The Committee notes with satisfaction:

The adoption of a Plan of Action for Human Rights for the period 2000-2004,
as part of the follow-up to the 1993 World Conference on Human Rights, indicating, inter alia,
measures aiming at the further implementation of the Convention in Norwegian legislation;
The issuance of guidelines on the notification of arrest to relatives and lawyers,
as well as concerning the right to access to health care for persons in police custody;
The proposal to incorporate a new provision into the Penal Code that will
prohibit and penalize torture, in conformity with article 1 of the Convention;
The proposals made for an amendment to the Criminal Procedure Act to reduce
the overall use of solitary confinement and to strengthen its judicial supervision by means of
legal regulation and limitation;
The research undertaken to evaluate the quality of investigations carried out by
the Special Investigative Bodies;
The regularity and generosity of donations made by the State party to the
United Nations Voluntary Fund for Victims of Torture;
The high percentage of women among members of the judiciary, police force
and prison staff.
C. Subjects of concern

The Committee continues to be concerned about the use of pre-trial solitary confinement.
D. Recommendations


The Committee recommends that:

Appropriate legislation introducing the offence of torture into the Norwegian
penal system in conformity with article 1 of the Convention be enacted, in accordance with
the above-mentioned proposal. It requests that information in this regard be included in the
next periodic report of Norway;
Information on steps taken to respond to the Committee’s ongoing concern
about the use of pre-trial solitary confinement be included in the State party’s next periodic

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