Where’s my lawyer? Making legal assistance in pre-trial detention effective

About Fair Trials
Fair Trials is a global criminal justice watchdog with offices in London, Brussels
and Washington, D.C., focused on improving the right to a fair trial in accordance
with international standards.
Fair Trials’ work is premised on the belief that fair trials are
one of the cornerstones of a just society: they prevent lives
from being ruined by miscarriages of justice and make
societies safer by contributing to transparent and reliable
justice systems that maintain public trust. Although universally
recognised in principle, in practice the basic human right to
a fair trial is being routinely abused.
Its work combines: (a) helping suspects to understand and
exercise their rights; (b) building an engaged and informed
network of fair trial defenders (including NGOs, lawyers and



academics); and (c) fighting the underlying causes of unfair
trials through research, litigation, political advocacy and
In Europe, we coordinate the Legal Experts Advisory Panel
– the leading criminal justice network in Europe consisting of
over 180 criminal defence law firms, academic institutions
and civil society organizations. More information about this
network and its work on the right to a fair trial in Europe can
be found at: https://www.fairtrials.org/legal-expertsadvisory-panel


Fair Trials

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Tanja Fachathaler

Senior Lawyer (Europe)
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Hungarian Helsinki Committee

Published in 2019

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