United Nations

Convention on the Elimination
of All Forms of Discrimination
against Women

Distr.: General
15 August 2014
Original: Spanish

Committee on the Elimination of
Discrimination against Women
Fifty-eighth session
20 June-18 July 2014

Communication No. 47/2012
Decision adopted by the Committee at its fifty-eighth session

14-59288 (E)

Submitted by:

Angela González Carreño (represented by counsel
Women’s Link Worldwide)

Alleged victims:

The author and her deceased daughter, Andrea
Rascón González

State party:


Date of communication:

19 September 2012 (initial submission)

Document references:

Transmitted to the State party on 15 November 2012
(not issued in document form)

Date of adoption of decision:

16 July 2014




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