Inside Police Custody 2


The success of this project was made possible as a result of work by a large
number of people. The project was designed and implemented by the Irish
Council for Civil Liberties (ICCL) in collaboration with the Open Society Justice
Initiative (OSJI). The project management team consisted of Liam Herrick and
Stephen O’Hare (ICCL), Zaza Namoradze and Irmina Pacho (OSJI), and the
research consultant to the project, Emeritus Professor Ed Cape (University of
the West of England, Bristol). The research in the nine countries included in the
study was carried out by staff of the partner organisations: the Ludwig Boltzmann
Institute of Human Rights, Austria; the Bulgarian Helsinki Committee, Bulgaria;
the Hungarian Helsinki Committee, Hungary; Associazione Antigone, Italy; the
Human Rights Monitoring Institute, Lithuania; the Helsinki Foundation for Human
Rights, Poland; the Association for the Defence of Human Rights in
Romania – the Helsinki Committee, Romania; the Peace Institute,
Slovenia; and Rights International, Spain
We would like to thank Deidre Duffy who, during the initial stages of the
project, worked for ICCL, and Marion Isobel who worked for OSJI. Both put in a
tremendous amount of effort in drafting the funding submission to the European
Commission, and during the early stages of the project itself.
We would also like to thank the many people who made the empirical research
possible including, in a number of countries, civil servants, officials, and senior
police officers who demonstrated faith in the importance of empirical research
in the criminal justice process by approving and facilitating access for the
researchers. In addition, we thank the suspects and accused persons, lawyers,
interpreters and translators, and police officers who permitted researchers to
observe them, often at times which were stressful, and to interview them.

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