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B. Positive aspects
The Committee emphasizes with satisfaction the strong and steadfast commitment to
human rights manifested by Sweden and the positive responses to the Committee’s earlier
recommendations. It welcomes in particular the following:
The adoption of a national action plan for human rights for the years 2002-2004,
as part of the follow-up to the 1993 World Conference on Human Rights, featuring as a priority
topic the issue of international protection against persecution and torture. The Committee
welcomes with satisfaction the plan of the Swedish authorities to translate the conclusions and
recommendations of the six United Nations treaty monitoring bodies and to distribute them in
The setting up, in December 2000, of a special commission to study the manner
in which the criminal investigation into the 1995 death in detention of Osmo Vallo was carried
out. The Committee notes in particular that the “Osmo Vallo Commission” published its
conclusions and recommendations in April 2002, and that they have been submitted to the
Ministry of Justice;
The establishment, in December 2000, of an official parliamentary committee to
determine whether the existing framework for handling allegations of criminal actions by the
police is satisfactory;
The establishment of an official committee entrusted with the task of investigating
the actions of the police during the events in Göteborg, and determining what steps the police
should take on the occasion of public demonstrations to protect public order as well as the
fundamental right to demonstrate;
The setting up of a special commission to review legislation and case law relating
to the application of decisions concerning expulsion from Swedish territory, especially in
relation to allegations that individuals have been expelled to countries with which they have no
significant ties;
The many studies and projects under way aimed at enhancing the domestic legal
system for the protection of human rights, in particular the jurisdiction of Swedish courts
regarding international offences committed abroad, and the improvement of the procedure
relating to requests for asylum;
The assurance given by the Swedish authorities that they have acted in
accordance with the Committee’s observations concerning individual complaints and the
State party’s obligation not to send certain persons back to countries where there is a risk that
they might be tortured. The Committee also welcomes the fact that the Alien Act contains a
provision which will enable the Swedish immigration authorities to base their decisions directly
on observations made by international bodies.

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