I. ORGANIZATIONAL AND OTHER MATTERS A. States parties to the Convention 1. As at 30 April 1993, the closing date of the tenth session of the Committee against Torture, there were 72 States parties to the Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment. The Convention was adopted by the General Assembly in resolution 39/46 of 10 December 1984 and opened for signature and ratification in New York on 4 February 1985. It entered into force on 26 June 1987 in accordance with the provisions of its article 27. A list of States which have signed, ratified or acceded to the Convention together with an indication of those that have made declaration under articles 21 and 22 of the Convention is contained in annex I to the present report. 2. The texts of the declarations, reservations or objections made by States parties with respect to the Convention are reproduced in document CAT/C/2/Rev.2. B. Opening and duration of the sessions 3. The Committee against Torture has held two sessions since the adoption of its last annual report. The ninth and tenth sessions of the Committee were held at the United Nations Office at Geneva from 9 to 20 November 1992 and from 19 to 30 April 1993. 4. At its ninth session, the Committee held 18 meetings (119th to 136th meeting) and at its tenth session the Committee held 17 meetings (137th to 153rd meeting). An account of the deliberations of the Committee at its ninth and tenth sessions is contained in the relevant summary records (CAT/C/SR.119-153). C. Membership and attendance 5. The membership remained the same as during 1992. The list of the members, together with an indication of the duration of their term of office, appears in annex II to the present report. 6. All the members attended the ninth session of the Committee; Mr. Dipanda Mouelle attended a part of the session. The tenth session of the Committee was attended by all the members. D. Officers 7. The following members of the Committee acted as officers during the reporting period: Chairman: Mr. Joseph Voyame Vice-Chairmen: Rapporteur: Mr. Alexis Dipanda Mouelle Mr. Ricardo Gil Lavedra Mr. Dimitar N. Mikhailov Mr. Peter Thomas Burns -1-

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