The following annexes are attached to this report, in electronic format:

Visits made in 2014.


Short-term deprivation of liberty in 2014.


Deprivation of liberty for infringements of Organic Act 4/2000, of 11 January, on
rights and liberties of foreign nationals in Spain and their social integration in 2014.


Deprivation of liberty in penitentiary centres in 2014.


Deprivation of liberty in penitentiary psychiatric hospitals and units in 2014.


Deprivation of liberty in centres for juvenile offenders in 2014.


Operations for the repatriation of foreign nationals in 2014.


Conclusions of the visits made in 2014, and follow up of the conclusions of the visits
made in previous years.


List of technical experts who participated in the visits of the NPM 2011-2014.

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