CAT/C/70/D/819/2017 United Nations Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment Distr.: General 25 January 2021 Original: English Committee against Torture Decision adopted by the Committee under article 22 of the Convention, concerning communication No. 819/2017*, ** Communication submitted by: J.D. Alleged victim: The complainant State party: Switzerland Date of complaint: 30 March 2017 (initial submission) Date of adoption of decision: 30 December 2020 Subject matter: Deportation to China Procedural issue: Examination by another procedure of international investigation or settlement Substantive issue: Risk of torture if deported to country of origin Article of the Convention: 3 1.1 The complainant is J.D., a national of China, born in 1985. The complainant is not represented by counsel. She claims that her deportation to China would constitute a violation by Switzerland of article 3 of the Convention. 1.2 On 11 April 2017, the Committee, acting through its Rapporteur on new complaints and interim measures, denied the complainant’s request for interim measures consisting in the suspension of her removal while the case was pending before the Committee. Facts as submitted by the complainant 2.1 The complainant is from Zangjiakou in Hebei Province, China. She has been a member of the Quannengshen (the Church of Almighty God) religious community since 2012, when her aunt introduced her to the faith. The complainant indicates that, on 1 December 2012, some supporters of Quannengshen warned her aunt that the police knew about her faith and, on 10 December 2012, her aunt was fined. By 2013, the general situation had become more difficult for Quannengshen believers, the number of members had increased and they were being kept under government surveillance. The complainant claims that, around May 2014, the Government was spreading rumours about the Church. The complainant agreed with her aunt and uncle not to attend any more of its meetings. To avoid possible persecution, her aunt moved. On 8 October 2014, a neighbour whom her aunt had tried to convert denounced the complainant and her aunt. The police talked to the aunt’s husband and inquired whether his wife and niece were believers. The uncle denied that the complainant was a * Adopted by the Committee intersessionally on 30 December 2020. ** The following members of the Committee participated in the examination of the communication: Essadia Belmir, Claude Heller, Erdogan Iscan, Liu Huawen, Jens Modvig, Ilvija Puce, Diego Rodríguez-Pinzón, Sébastien Touzé and Bakhtiyar Tuzmukhamedov. GE.21-00910(E)

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