supporters of President Mubarak and his party called the National
Democratic Party (NDP), violence broke out as NDP supporters attacked
the supporters of Kefaya. The Complainants allege that Riot police
reportedly did not intervene.


According to the Complainants, the protesters and the journalists
covering the demonstration reconvened in front of the Press Syndicate at


around 2:00 PM where they were met by a large group of Riot police and
NDP supporters. They allege that further incidents of insults, violence,
intimidation and sexual harassment occurred in the presence of high
ranking officers of the Ministry of Interior (MoI) and the Riot police.


The Complainants state that the First Victim is a female journalist
previously employed at Al Gil Newspaper, in Cairo. They state that she
was not reporting on the events in question or attending the protest
action, but was rather proceeding to the Press Syndicate in order to attend
an English course. The Complainants allege that she was however,
attacked by a group of youth supporters of President Mubarak and the
NDP in response to an order from a police officer on the scene.


The Complainants allege that, the First Victim was pushed to the
ground, her clothes torn, her private parts fondled, and her bag and
documents seized from her. According to the Complainants, she
recognised members of the NDP as her assailants. They allege that the
police officers on the scene failed to intervene, assist or prevent the
assaults from taking place.


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