United Nations

Convention against Torture
and Other Cruel, Inhuman
or Degrading Treatment
or Punishment

Distr.: General
8 December 2011
Original: English

Committee against Torture
Forty-seventh session
31 October–25 November 2011

Consideration of reports submitted by States parties under
article 19 of the Convention
Concluding observations of the Committee against Torture

Sri Lanka
The Committee considered the combined third and fourth periodic report of Sri
Lanka (CAT/C/LKA/3-4) at its 1030th and 1033rd meetings, held on 8 and 9 November
2011 (CAT/C/SR.1030 and 1033). At its 1050th, 1051st and 1052nd meetings, held on 22
to 23 November 2011 (CAT/C/SR.1050, 1051 and 1052), it adopted the following
concluding observations.


The Committee welcomes the submission of the combined third and fourth periodic
reports of Sri Lanka, which generally follows the Committee’s guidelines for reporting.
However, the Committee regrets that the report lacks statistical and practical information on
the implementation of the provisions of the Convention and that it was submitted two years
late. The Committee appreciates the dialogue with the delegation, the answers provided
orally during the consideration of the report and the additional written submissions.


Positive aspects
The Committee welcomes that, in the period since the consideration of the second
periodic report, the State party has ratified or acceded to the following international
(a) Optional Protocol to the Convention on the Rights of the Child on the sale of
children, child prostitution and child pornography, in September 2006;
(b) United Nations Convention against Transnational Organized Crime, in September
The Committee notes the efforts undertaken by the State party to reform its
legislation, including:


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