United Nations

Convention on the Elimination
of All Forms of Discrimination
against Women

Distr.: General
26 August 2020
Original: English

Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination
against Women

Views adopted by the Committee under article 7 (3)
of the Optional Protocol, concerning communication
No. 116/2017*,**
Communication submitted by:

S.H. (represented by counsel, TRIAL

Alleged victim:

The author

State party:

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Date of communication:

27 January 2017 (initial submission)


Transmitted to the State party on 10 April 2017
(not issued in document form)

Date of adoption of views:

9 July 2020

Subject matter:

State party’s failure to act with due diligence for
the timely and effective investigation of sexual
violence; the right to fair and adequate
compensation and support

Procedural issues:

Exhaustion of domestic remedies; actio

Articles of the Convention:

1, 2 (a)–(f), 3, 12, 13 (a) and (b) and 15 (1)

Articles of the Optional Protocol: 2 and 4 (2)

* Adopted by the Committee at its seventy-sixth session (29 June–9 July 2020).
** The following members of the Committee participated in the examination of the present
communication: Gladys Acosta Vargas, Hiroko Akizuki, Tamader Al-Rammah, Nicole Ameline,
Gunnar Bergby, Marion Bethel, Louiza Chalal, Esther Eghobamien -Mshelia, Naéla Mohamed
Gabr, Hilary Gbedemah, Nahla Haidar, Rosario G. Manalo, Lia Nadaraia, Aruna Devi Narain,
Ana Peláez Narváez, Bandana Rana, Rhoda Reddock, Elgun Safarov, Wenyan Song, Genoveva
Tisheva, Franceline Toé-Bouda and Aicha Vall Verges.

20-11100 (E)



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