United Nations

International Covenant on
Civil and Political Rights

Distr.: General
9 December 2015
Original: English

Human Rights Committee

Communication No. 2366/2014
Views adopted by the Committee at its 115th session
(19 October-6 November 2015)
Submitted by:


Alleged victim:


State party:


Date of communication:

19 March 2014 (initial submission)

Document references:

Special Rapporteur’s rules 92 and 97, transmitted
to the State party on 24 March 2014 (not issued
in document form)

Date of adoption of Views:

5 November 2015

Subject matter:

Deportation of author to country of origin

Procedural issues:

Admissibility – manifestly ill-founded;
admissibility – exhaustion of domestic remedies;
admissibility ratione materiae

Substantive issues:

Non-refoulement; refugee status; torture;
arbitrary detention; freedom of opinion and
expression; discrimination

Articles of the Covenant:

6 (1), 7, 9 (1), 19 (1) and (2) and 26

Articles of the Optional Protocol:

2, 3, 5 (2) (b)



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