Human Rights Brief Volume 20 | Issue 4 | Summer 2013 Litigation Before the UN Committee against Torture: Strengthening This Important Tool against Torture Proceedings of a Conference Presented by the American University Washington College of Law and the World Organisation Against Torture April 15, 2013 1 Opening Remarks Dean Claudio Grossman, Gisella Gori, Gerald Staberock 9 Panel I: The Use of Interim Measures by the Committee against Torture: Towards a Comprehensive Instrument for the Protection of Victims and Witnesses in Torture Cases Hélène Legeay, Carla Ferstman, Diego Rodríguez-Pinzón 19 Panel II: The Role of the Committee against Torture in Providing Full and Adequate Reparation to Victims Dean Claudio Grossman, Octavio Amezcua 24 Panel III: Challenges in the Implementation of the Decisions of the Committee against Torture Karinna Moskalenko, Christian De Vos, Elsy Chemurgor Sainna 33 Panel IV: Challenges to Proving Cases of Torture before the Committee against Torture Gabriela Echeverria, Mario López-Garelli, Hari Phuyal, Juan E. Méndez A Legal Resource for the International Human Rights Community American University Washington College of Law Center for Human Rights and Humanitarian Law Executive Director | Hadar Harris Directors | Robert Goldman | Claudio Grossman | Diane Orentlicher | Herman Schwartz | Richard J. Wilson i

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