SAA – Social Assistance Agency
DGEP – Directorate General Execution of Punishments
SAD – Social Assistance Directorate
SAR – State Agency for Refugees
ICDPC – Institution for Children Deprived of Parental Care
HMSCC – Home for Medical and Social Child Care
SEPP – State-owned enterprise „Prisons Production“
SPH – State Psychiatric Hospital
ECrtHR – European Court of Human Rights
EPRCA – Execution of Punishments and Remand in Custody Act
OA – Ombudsman Act
CTPH – Closed-type prison hostel
OTPH – Open-type prison hostel
SAA – Social Assistance Act
CPT – Committee for the Prevention of Torture
SSC – Social Services Centre
DLP – persons deprived of their liberty
MoI – Ministry of Interior
MoH – Ministry of Healthcare
DF – detention facilities
MoJ – Ministry of Justice
CoMs – Council of Ministers
HE – healthcare establishment
NHIF – National Health Insurance Fund
NPM – National Preventive Mechanism
IREPRCA ��� Implementing Rules of the Execution of Punishments and Remand in
Custody Act
MoI RD – Regional Directorate of the Ministry of Interior
RHI – Regional Healthcare Inspectorate
RAC – Registration and Admission Centre
RC – Regional Court
RCntr – Registration Centre
RPS – Regional Police Station
SHATPDL – Specialised Hospital for Active Treatment of People Deprived of Their
SCTAF – Specialised Centre for Temporary Accommodation of Foreigners
SWCA – Social work and correctional activities (prisons)
TC – Transit Centre
ERP – Early release on parole
OPCAT – Optional Protocol to the Convention against Torture and other Cruel,
Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment
FTPC – Family Type Placement Centre
FTPCCAD – Family Type Placement Centre for Children and Adolescents with
MHC – Mental Health Centre


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