The facts as presented by the petitioner
2.1 The petitioner states that since the beginning of the 80's, he was active in
the Hindu-Buddha Christian Minority Organization and in the Bangladesh
Chattra League.
2.3 During the autumn of 1992, he was attacked and abused by Muslims and
detained by the police for his participation in a demonstration where he was
allegedly tortured, hit on the soles of his feet and hanged upside down. He
was released with the help of his party and went to India for several months.
2.4 He returned later to Bangladesh and became active in the Bangladesh
Sharbohara Party (BSP). Beginning 1995, he was again detained during two
months by the police for his participation in a political rally. During this
period, he was allegedly tortured, and he submits a medical and psychiatric
report established in Denmark concerning prior injuries and post-traumatic
stress disorder.
2.5 After having spent another month in India, he returned to Bangladesh
and became responsible for BSP's public relations and publicity.
2.6 The petitioner was then allegedly advised by others members of his
party to leave Bangladesh. The party arranged and financed his flight to
Sweden in October 1995.
2.7 The petitioner arrived in Sweden on 24 October 1995 and applied for
refugee status. His application was rejected by the Swedish Migration Board
on 13 December 1995 and, on appeal, by the Aliens Appeals Board on 19
March 1997.
2.8 Subsequently, the petitioner made three new applications before the
Aliens Appeal Board under Chapter 2, Section 5 (b) of the Swedish Aliens
Act, which allows to resubmit applications before such body on the basis of
factual circumstances that have not been earlier examined by the competent
authorities. The petitioner's applications were all rejected, the latest by a
decision of 9 April 1999.
The complaint
3.1 The petitioner claims that he was subjected to torture when he was
detained in Bangladesh. He submits some medical evidence in this regard.
3.2 The petitioner claims that if he is returned to Bangladesh, he would be
again subjected to torture and that the decision forcibly to remove him to

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