Acknowledgments This work was supported by the Economic and Social Research Council [ESRC Future Research Leader Award, PI Abi Dymond, grant number ES/N016564/1] and the Omega Research Foundation (under a project funded by the European Commission – European Instrument for Democracy & Human Rights EIDHR). It was co-authored by Dr. Abi Dymond, Lecturer in Criminology at the University of Exeter, and colleagues at the Omega Research Foundation. The Omega Research Foundation is an independent UK-based research organisation. We are dedicated to providing rigorous, objective, evidence-based research on the manufacture, trade in, and use of, military, security and police (MSP) technologies. The publication was strengthened by feedback and suggestions from participants at a series of events where draft versions of the Guide were presented, including:members of the UN Subcommittee for the Prevention of Torture during their 32rd Session (June 2017); participants at the Association for the Prevention of Torture, Bristol Human Rights Implementation Centre and Penal Reform International Summer School on Detention Monitoring: Applying the UN Nelson Mandela Rules (August 2017); and from Stephanie Selg and Anita Danka at the OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights. All errors and omissions are the responsibility of the authors. Note on translation: to aid understanding, translations into French and Spanish have included the translations of quotes from various sources, some of which were initially available only in English. The Guide is intended to be a living document and comments and suggestions for additions are welcome to be sent to; or Part funded by the European Union EIDHR European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights. Cover Photo: a spiked baton, serrated thumb-cuff and fixed restraint single cuff, designed to be affixed to walls and floors. Copyright: Omega Research Foundation. 2

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