A Compilation of Papers by Young Albanian Researches

Romina Kali

The effect of property laws on the process of the restitution and compensation
in post-communist Albania, under the framework of Transitional Justice, 		

p. 6

Mandrit Kamolli

The Unfinished Business of Transitional Justice: Reparation of Former
Political Prisoners in Post-Communist Albania, 					

p. 30

Ilir Kalemaj

Transitional Justice and Democratic Consolidation in post-communist
Eastern Europe: Romania and Albania, 						

p. 54

Valbona Ndrepepaj

Lustration laws dealing with state administration in Albania, 				p. 76

Rikela Fusha

The mental health system as a target of transitional justice:
Mental Health reform in post-communist Albania, 					

p. 98

Eglantina Reka

Lustration and Vetting in post-communist Albania inter-linked with civic
trust in governmental institutions, 							p. 120

Valbona Bezati

Artwork in Albania: The process of transformation from propaganda
tool before the 90s to TJ tool after the 90s, 						

Ejona Gjeci

Lustration and civic trust on public institutions in Albania, 				

p. 144
p. 172

Arbora Aliaj

Transitional Criminal Justice in Albania: The use of trials
and criminal proceedings as a Transitional Justice Instruments, 			

p. 190

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