To explore the risk factors, the situations that might lead to abuse
committed against persons deprived of liberty in psychiatric
institutions, as well as the means of preventing these abuses, the
Association for the Prevention of Torture (APT) organised on
6 and 7 September 2016 the Jean-Jacques Gautier Symposium on
monitoring psychiatric institutions. This meeting gathered in Geneva
international experts and representatives of National Preventive
Mechanisms (NPMs) from all regions of the world.
This Symposium is the third in a series of meetings organised by the
APT to allow NPMs and other experts to exchange their knowledge
and practices in relation to situations of vulnerability in detention.
This document is the outcome report of the Symposium. It does not
provide a detailed account of the fruitful discussions which took
place over two days, but aims to emphasise the issues and challenges
of monitoring deprivation of liberty in psychiatric institutions. It
also presents certain points for consideration identified during the
discussions on how to implement NPMs’ preventive mandate.

ISBN 978-2-940597-07-9	

Jean-Jacques Gautier NPM Symposium 2016 on monitoring psychiatric institutions - Outcome report

Psychiatric institutions are places of deprivation of liberty, as defined
in Article 4 of the Optional Protocol to the UN Convention against
Torture (OPCAT). These establishments therefore form an integral
part of the mandate of the detention monitoring bodies created
under the OPCAT: the Subcommittee on Prevention of Torture (SPT)
and the National Preventive Mechanisms (NPM).



Monitoring psychiatric

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