The Act on the Legal Status and Mandate of the German Institute for Human
Rights, in 2015;
The Act on the Redefinition of the Right to Stay and the Termination of
Residence, the revised Asylum Seekers’ Benefits Act and the revised Social Courts Act, in
The Act on the Improvement of the Measures taken to Combat Human
Trafficking, on the Amendment of the Federal Central Criminal Register Act and on the
Amendment of Book VIII of the German Social Welfare Act to effectively implement
Directive 2011/36/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of 5 April 2011 on
preventing and combating trafficking in human beings and protecting its victims, in 2016;

The Act on Improving the Protection against Stalking, in 2017.

The Committee further welcomes the initiatives of the State party to amend its
policies, programmes and administrative measures to give effect to the Convention,
The publication by the Federal Government of a report on the situation of
women’s shelters, specialist support services and other support schemes available to
women affected by violence, as well as their children, in 2012;
The establishment by the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior
Citizens, Women and Youth of a nationwide distress helpline for women who have suffered
violence, in 2013;
The increase in resources for the National Agency for the Prevention of
Torture, in 2014;
The translation into German of the Manual on the Effective Investigation and
Documentation of Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or
Punishment (Istanbul Protocol), while subsequently notifying the Ministries of Justice and
the Interior of the Länder of its availability online, in 2015;
The adoption of the federal programme Live Democracy! Active against
Right-wing Extremism, Violence and Hate, in 2015;
The launch of federal model project Consult and Strengthen 2015–2018,
serving to protect girls and boys with disabilities against sexualized violence in institutions;
The establishment of the Subgroup on trafficking in children/tourism and
international cooperation, under the federal-Länder working group on protecting children
and young people from sexual violence and exploitation, in 2016;
The updating of federal police career training to improve access to pertinent
materials, instructions and regulations on the issues of discrimination, racism and racial
profiling, since 2016;
The adoption of the National Action Plan against Racism – Positions and
Measures to Deal with Ideologies of Inequality and Related Discrimination, in 2017;
The implementation by the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees of a
pilot project to provide consultancy, free of charge, in asylum proceedings, in 2017;
The extension of the mandate of the Independent Commission for Child
Sexual Abuse Issues until the end of December 2023.


Principal subjects of concern and recommendations
Pending follow-up issues from the previous reporting cycle
In its previous concluding observations (CAT/C/DEU/CO/5, para. 39), the
Committee requested the State party to provide further information regarding areas of
particular concern, related to regulating and restricting the use of physical restraints in all
establishments (ibid., para. 16), limiting the number of detained asylum seekers, including


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