Principle 10
Anyone who is arrested shall be informed at the time of his arrest of the reason for
his arrest and shall be promptly informed of any charges against him.
Principle 11
1. A person shall not be kept in detention without being given an effective
opportunity to be heard promptly by a judicial or other authority. A detained person shall
have the right to defend himself or to be assisted by counsel as prescribed by law.
2. A detained person and his counsel, if any, shall receive prompt and full
communication of any order of detention, together with the reasons therefore.
3. A judicial or other authority shall be empowered to review as appropriate the
continuance of detention.
Principle 12
1. There shall be duly recorded:
(a) The reasons for the arrest; (b) The time of the arrest and the
taking of the arrested person to a place of custody as well as that of his
first appearance before a judicial or other authority; (c) The identity of the
law enforcement officials concerned;
(d) Precise information concerning the place of custody.
2. Such records shall be communicated to the detained person, or his counsel, if
any, in the form prescribed by law.
Principle 16
1. Promptly after arrest and after each transfer from one place of detention or
imprisonment to another, a detained or imprisoned person shall be entitled to notify or to
require the competent authority to notify members of his family or other appropriate
persons of his choice of his arrest, detention or imprisonment or of the transfer and of the
place where he is kept in custody.
2. If a detained or imprisoned person is a foreigner, he shall also be promptly
informed of his right to communicate by appropriate means with a consular post or the
diplomatic mission of the State of which he is a national or which is otherwise entitled to
receive such communication in accordance with international law or with the
representative of the competent international organization, if he is a refugee or is
otherwise under the protection of an intergovernmental organization.
Principle 20
If a detained or imprisoned person so requests, he shall if possible be kept in a
place of detention or imprisonment reasonably near his usual place of residence.


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