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Executive summary
At the invitation of the Government, the Special Rapporteur undertook a visit to the
Republic of Uzbekistan from 24 November to 6 December 2002 during which he met various
high officials and representatives of civil society organizations, as well as alleged torture victims
and their relatives, and visited detention facilities. The Special Rapporteur appreciates that the
Government enabled him to carry out this important mission and he regards his visit as a clear
indication of increased cooperation between the Government and the United Nations in the field
of human rights. The Special Rapporteur believes, on the basis of the numerous testimonies he
received during the mission, that torture or similar ill-treatment is systematic. Accordingly, he
recommends a number of measures to be adopted with a view to putting an end to torture and
ill-treatment in Uzbekistan. He notes with great interest and keen expectation the intention and
willingness expressed by high government officials to follow up on the recommendations
included in the report.

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