national preventive mechanism under the Optional Protocol to the Convention against
Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment, on 24 October
The adoption of Law No. 137 on the rehabilitation of victims of crimes, on
29 July 2016;
The enactment of the Law on the Prosecutor’s Office as part of the reform of
the justice sector, in August 2016;
The adoption of Law No. 121 on equality to prevent and punish violence
based on racial, ethnic and religious grounds, on 25 May 2012.
The Committee further welcomes the initiatives of the State party to amend its
policies, programmes and administrative measures to give effect to the Convention,
The decision of the Prime Minister to create a special committee to identify
and assist victims of post-election violence among civilians and police officers, on 15 April
The creation of a unit for combating torture in the Prosecutor General’s
Office, on 4 May 2010; the joint drafting with the Ombudsman’s Office of an action plan
for combating torture and ill-treatment in the penitentiary system, in September 2012; the
adoption of a joint order and regulation on identifying and reporting cases of alleged torture
and ill-treatment, requiring that the Prosecutor General’s Office be notified within 24 hours
of any alleged case of torture or ill-treatment, on 31 December 2013; and the establishment
of the new national preventive mechanism, in 2016;
The adoption of the Law on the approval of the justice sector reform strategy
for the period 2011–2016, in November 2011; the subsequent approval of the action plan
for its implementation for the period 2011–2016, in February 2012; and its extension until
the end of 2017, in December 2016;
The approval of the regulation on the organization and functioning of
rehabilitation centres for victims of domestic violence, in 2010;
The approval of the national human rights action plan for the period 2012–
2014, on 7 March 2012, and the drafting of the national human rights plan for the period

The approval of the national programme for mental health, on 28 December

The adoption of the strategy on child and family protection for the period
2013–2020, in 2013;
The adoption of the action plan on reducing ill-treatment, abuse and
discrimination against persons held in police custody for the period 2017–2020, in
September 2017, with a view to implementing the police development strategy for the
period 2016–2020, in May 2016;
The adoption of the strategy on developing the penitentiary system for the
period 2016–2020, in December 2016.


Principal subjects of concern and recommendations
Pending follow-up issues from the previous reporting cycle
The Committee takes note of the State party’s lack of ability to exercise effective
control in the territory of Transnistria, which impedes the application of the Convention in
this region.1
In its previous concluding observations (see CAT/C/MDA/CO/2, para. 33), the
Committee requested the Republic of Moldova to provide further information regarding


Hereinafter “Transnistria” or “Transnistrian region”. Reference to the de facto authorities does not
amount to the Committee’s recognition of their legitimacy, nor should it be interpreted to confer
recognition of any legal status of the disputed territory.

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